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Google to face $100M Lawsuit for unethical act over leaked celeb photos

The story surrounding the nude photo leaks of celebrities continues to expand and unravel as every day passes.

Now, more than a dozen of the individuals who were slammed with the largest photo breach in recent memory – and easily the most famous photo breach in recent memory – are joining forces with the help of Martin Singer – a prominent lawyer in the Hollywood area to bring litigation to Google.

Singer published a letter that ridiculed Google for their failure to “act expeditiously,” in getting the photos, and the content taken down – and erased. The letter also claims that the photos continued to appear, long after Twitter had already taken said photos down.

The letter even went as far as to say that Google, “knowingly” accommodated and facilitated the sharing of the photos, which were a violation of privacy, as well as the rights of the individuals involved.

But, the question is now – are we talking about legitimate litigation, or is this simply the final attempt at getting these pictures off the internet once and for all?

Right now it remains to be seen. However, Martin Singer directly called Google’s behavior unethical and even went as far as to say that between compensatory and punitive damages – a total loss to Google could exceed $100 million.

“Google is making millions and profiting from the victimization of women,” Singer said in that letter.

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Some have speculated though that this is a part of the growing chess game that is unfolding between the tech companies as a whole, and the individuals whose security and privacy were compromised. While Google’s behavior can be referred to as unethical, or despicable, as they were in this particular letter from Singer – the truth is that Google is a company that has dealt with its fair share of litigation, and while many consider this to be a lawsuit that – if officially filed – could catch serious traction amongst individuals who feel as though their privacy or information isn’t safe with companies like Google – there is a second side to this.

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Google believes that they have acted fairly, and justly throughout this process, and they thoroughly believe that they have done no wrong. Furthermore, the tech juggernaut is no stranger to litigation, or frightened by a court room. While it definitely would seem like there is some legitimacy to a potential lawsuit – many have questioned why these individuals haven’t taken action against Apple.

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