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Apple to unveil iPad Air 2 on Oct 16 alongside OS X Yosemite and new iMacs


Every year, the iPads are out. They seem to attract less and less excitement to their launches and eventual releases. October will see another major release for Apple, as they take the opportunity on October 16th to release an iPad that will, hopefully, send a shot of vital, and much needed energy into the iPad line.

It appears at this point as well that Apple will announce new iMacs with the advent of OS X Yosemite – new operating system for desktops and laptops.

Granted, today is not going to be the caliber of release that was encountered in September, but this release will still keep the interest alive on the iPad front – while Apple continues working on what is being dubbed as the next-generation Retina iPad mini, and the “iPad Pro” if rumors are any indication.

Apple to introduce gold colored iPad Air 2 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro

It’s speculated that the release of these truly awe-inspiring devices will take place next year, when the company has more time to build legitimate hype, and would likely be between major smartphone launches, as the company has trended on launching an upgrade to the device that is currently on the market – like the 5S and 5C last year.

However, with the constant decline happening we will definitely see Apple making a major push to sell their tablet line this time around. Among the certainties of the pending iPad launch, it would seem that integrating Touch ID fingerprint scanning will be a must. Since Apple has begun taking a major swing at making Apple Pay a widely accepted platform across the shopping world – this is the obvious next step for their overall mobile eco system.


While, there aren’t a lot of extra details associated with the event yet, or what exactly will be released, and when it will be released – one thing is clear. Apple may not be releasing their most exciting iPad ever, or be releasing an iPad with a ton of fancy new features. However, they need to get some of the excitement that has been lost as year-over-year sales have continued to decline steadily.

This launch can be thought of as a “get me by” until next year. Apple doesn’t want to skip a year of production, and risk losing loyal customers that have grown accustomed to Apple’s yearly launches, as most mobile tech companies execute yearly launches. But, at the same time Apple is clearly game planning for a bigger picture – and next year could be one of the biggest ever in iPad history.

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