A jailbreak for iOS 8.0.2 released by SafeRa1n, that has been downloaded more than 250,000 times has been confirmed on Facebook as being a legitimate jailbreak for the newest operating system on Apple phones. It was also noted that the jailbreak came with Cydia installed.

Cydia is the popular medium used to navigate iPhones after jailbreak. However, many still do not know what it means to actually jailbreak an iPhone. Even if jailbreaking your phone isn’t something you plan on doing in the near future, it would be wise to understand what it is in case you’re ever tempted without an understanding by some of the awesome features that jailbreaking allows.

What jailbreaking does is it allows access to the command line of the operating system. It removes limitations, and regulations that Apple installs on devices. The most common and obvious changes are typically fonts, and the dreaded lock screen, which haven’t seen changes or even a mild modification in years.

Apple iOS 8.0.2

Additionally, if you operate a jailbroken phone you also have the opportunity to gain access to many applications that are ordinarily costly in the app store. However, it ultimately depends on the application. The point is that what you’re seeing when you use a jailbroken iPhone is a completely unhinged and unleashed version of Apple’s operating system.

Imagine even more customization than what is available with Android, and combine that with the ease, and simplicity of Apple’s mobile operating systems.

Throughout the short life of iOS 8 there have been a plethora of issues. Devices that were losing connectivity after flawed operating system updates, inability to make calls, stay connected to Wi-Fi, limitations on apps with failures in releasing functioning health hub, and much more.

While the release has been widely accepted and loved by the users, the phones have definitely seen their share of problems along the way. Apple released a third version of the mobile operating system iOS 8 last week, in 8.0.2 that claimed to fix a majority of the problems that had previously been experienced, but some users have complained about continued issues.

And while it’s still early to say, it would seem that the jailbreak for the newest operating system has gone off without a hitch, and without any problems – as it’s been executed on even the newest, of new iPhones.