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Google removes leaked pics of celebs to avoid $100 million lawsuit threat


After being threatened with a massive lawsuit, Google has acted quickly in trying to contain the fire that seems to be their lapse in judgment and privacy. The company released statements pointing that they had been working tirelessly to get the offensive and private photos of Jennifer Lawrence, and many other celebrities off of their search engine and that the tech giant would get it right.

This came just a day after the massive threat that was heard and felt around the celebrity and tech worlds simultaneously. Some of the other individuals who had their privacy violated in addition to Jennifer Lawrence were Kate Upton Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union.

Google has been compared to the NFL, who has been criticized for abysmal handling of domestic abuse cases within the league that involve their players. “Like the NFL, which has turned a blind eye while players assaulted and victimized women and children, Google has turned a blind eye while its sites regularly exploit and victimize these women.”

As it stands right now, Google believes that they have acted in a manner that hasn’t tarnished their reputation, and hasn’t done any harm to their brand. They also don’t believe that they have done anything wrong, now that the photos are being taken down. While right now there is a difference of opinion regarding letters previously sent and actual requests made to have the content removed, it would seem that at some point Google will have their day in court over this issue.


However, Google is no stranger to the courtroom. They are regularly fighting various levels of criticism to their privacy systems, as well as various other issues. The point is that Google will likely continue to fight this if they feel that they have made sufficient changes to remedy the situation.

Whether that is the case or not remains to be seen.

The point is moving forward Google will either need to play very aggressively in continuing to meet the requests of the individuals that are pending charges, or they will have to hang back significantly and risk damaging their product and their bottom line.

Two things that are exponentially more important to a tech giant like Google, than any other issues – no matter how severe they may seem to the general public.

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