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After Bendgate, Apple iPhone 6 suffers Hairgate and Galaxy Note 4 suffers Gapgate


Bendgate may be behind Apple as far as scandalous flaws are concerned, but that doesn’t mean that it will be completely smooth sailing for the company moving forward.

In fact, it could be anything but smooth sailing with the latest annoyance to hit Apple iPhone 6 devices. But, Android fans don’t point and laugh just yet because the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has its own scandalous rhetoric that has accompanied the launch recently on social media.

The two new scandals: Hairgate and Gapgate.


To some it may seem tedious, that users have found yet another flaw in the devices in what is beginning to sound and feel like a constant barrage of nitpicking devices. However, to those who have experienced the two issues, it would be anything but tedious.

On iPhone 6 models, it would appear as though the seam where the aluminum meets the glass is catching and even pulling out the hair of unsuspecting users who have long enough hair to be pulled while talking on the phone. It is being dubbed on social networks and the internet as a whole as “Hairgate.”

Similarly, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 went under fire for similar problems. While the problems wouldn’t pull the hair of any unsuspecting users, the problem was enough of one to stick a piece of computer paper where the phone meets in the middle.

Some even contested that a larger and thicker business card could be pushed through the gap, and those that have used the devices claim that it will be most problematic due to the fact that it will allow the internal parts of the device to become compromised. Things like hair, lint, dust, or water all could compromise the phone – and even void out insurance plans should individuals be using them – and need them if an issue arises with the device.

Apple iPhone 6 “Bendgate” fuels BlackBerry Passport campaign

The mass of the problem is still widely unknown for both companies. Though Samsung released a statement ensuring customers that the Note 4 met the company’s “strict manufacturing and quality control standards,” so worry that the device will somehow, or eventually malfunction should be overlooked in the meantime.

The problem was most noted in South Korea where Samsung managed to sell 30,000 Note 4 devices on launch day. While other users have reported that the issue doesn’t even exist on other devices that have been sold elsewhere.

Apple currently hasn’t responded to the claims, though their issue seems to be significantly less refutable than the Samsung problem since the iPhone 6 isn’t the first device to have a seam in the front, and consequently pull the hair of those users utilizing the devices.

Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices bend only under extreme conditions

However, this week both companies should do a little more to respond to the problems that have arisen around their flagship devices.

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