Yahoo has readily denied that the compromise that took place had anything to do with the ShellShock bug, or that it impacted any user data or information, as it pertains to account information.

However, this once again raises serious concerns over the security of user data online, whether Yahoo Is taking responsibility for the breach, or whether they will confirm at any point that any amount of user data has been compromised.

Originally, the report warned that this was the result of significant vulnerabilities on a few of Yahoo’s servers to ShellShock. However, the company went on to dismiss those concerns, and stated that the entire company was in cooperation on the matter and that it would be effectively handled.

ShellShock can be exploited to access, and utilize computers, servers, or any devices running the appropriate software. In theory, computers could be taken hostage, and huge swathes of data could be compromised if a bug of this magnitude accessed a massive corporation like Yahoo In this situation.

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Tuesday, Yahoo reported that the issues that were discovered were not as severe as originally thought, and that the company had taken care of all of the remaining security issues that were left outstanding since the initial report on Monday.

The company also reported that the servers that were impacted are not used to store user data, so that would be a saving grace in and of itself.

However, for the average user of any piece of technology, this is yet another sign that things are tailing in a very frightening direction. As more, and more information becomes available online, and is stored in servers – the security around these servers and computers becomes that much more important.

And keeping these pieces of technology safe is a challenge for even the biggest companies. So, smaller companies that do it are in theory even more vulnerable, and that is something consumers do not want to hear.

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Home Depot, Target, Apple, JPMorgan Chase, and now Yahoo have all been victims of online security breaches in the last year, and that is something that weighs more, and more heavily on consumers’ minds as they go to buy various products.

Yahoo said that they would continue monitoring the situation and continue watching potential risks, and servers that are vulnerable to this type of breach moving forward and handle any security issues swiftly.


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