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Hairgate another blow to Apple iPhone 6 after Bendgate


#Hairgate isn’t just another painful blow to Apple after the much-anticipated release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices. It has now become a painful blow to customers who continually are getting the hair on their heads, and now beards caught in the device causing annoying pain.

This time it isn’t a phone frame bending from sitting in a pocket, but it’s something that might actually annoy users more than that. While a warranty would ultimately correct the damages done by a phone that bends over time – what is there protecting users from getting hair pulled from sensitive parts of their bodies?

Apparently it’s a design flaw, and now, it’s been well-documented and appropriately hash tagged on all forms of social media. Primarily, the issue arises when a user ends the call, or takes the phone away from their face, for whatever reason. After all, making phone calls is the most basic use for a smartphone, so people are understandably frustrated with the way the current situation sits.

Now, every time a person makes a call “hair gets stuck, and when you try to free it out, it hurts,” one person wrote. And it would appear as though there is video proof to verify the claims. When evaluating the situation more closely, you can see that there is an ever-so-slight gap between the metal frame and glass of the touchscreen which is where in some photos you can see hair stuck – probably just coming out of some unlucky souls head.


After Bendgate, Apple iPhone 6 suffers Hairgate and Galaxy Note 4 suffers Gapgate

However, with as difficult a situation as this may seem – as many have pointed out the solution is incredibly simple. All anyone needs to do is use a case, and all of the problems are effectively ended immediately without any further dilemma.

Once again though, we might be looking at an issue that’s outgrown its own shoes. In other words, other phones have previously had similar issues, and the entire internet community has not jumped up in outrage. In fact, it rarely even has become public. The point is that since #bendgate the internet has been looking for something new to pick on about the iPhone since its release.

Apple iPhone 6 “Bendgate” fuels BlackBerry Passport campaign

At some point, it would seem that the internet is going to have to let go of the hairy issues, and just deal with buying a case for their iPhone.

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