Google has been working tirelessly to expand and work into gaining a larger piece of market share. Whether it’s a device, a new piece of technology or in this case – an expansion of the app to appeal to iPhone users.

Google has always done one thing very well, in making their apps available for users to download across multiple platforms excluding a few rivals like Windows. While, the company doesn’t dabble too much in Windows devices, Google apps are very present on Apple devices, like iPhone and iPad.

Now, the company has made the move to expand their News & Weather app to Apple devices, as well. To install the app, all you need an iDevice running iOS 7 or higher, and 10MB of free storage space.

According to Google, the app will be specifically designed for iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6, and 6 Plus. The app will allow users to sign-in if they choose, and receive personalized news from over 65,000 publications, like blogs, news outlets, and even some local publications.

It should work very well with Google’s already impressive lineup of well-functioning apps on iPhone. Chrome, Google+, Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps and some others are all well-established, and super-popular in the App Store.

However, the search engine giant hasn’t just been working to update their apps and ability to reach on iOS fronts. Google recently updated their Android app to accommodate the aforementioned sign-in feature, and improve support for tablets, which struggled mightily with the news app.

Perhaps, the most interesting note regarding the latest version of News & Weather app is the notion that Google is clearly making a play at Yahoo, who has created a host of news, weather, and sports news related apps that have done a great job of combining up-to-the-minute news updates, along with an interface that users really enjoy.

The News & Weather app is available on both iPhones and iPads, and acts universally on both – something Google has had an issue with perfecting in the past.

Even though with physical testing seems to have accomplished its goal. Google’s News & Weather on iPhone seems to do a great job of combining News & Weather, but giving it to users in the quick, effective way they want to get their information.