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Microsoft sends invites for Office Beta Program for Windows


Microsoft already launched a pre-release beta program for Office last July and now has started sending out invitations to those who are interested to test the Office suite before it is released to manufacturers or launched worldwide.

People who already received the invitations are asked to provide feedback about Office features to be improved more. The first round of invitation sent is for the Microsoft Office Pre-Release feedback program, which would also mean that Microsoft has already started the beta program for the next version of Office suite for Windows.

Here’s a short excerpt from an e-mail sent out by Microsoft stating that interested users should review the participation agreement and wait for additional instructions:

Many months ago we opened a process to allow our individual customers to indicate their interest in being considered for future Microsoft Office Pre-Release feedback programs. At this time our records indicate that you have successfully completed our nomination form and are currently in a holding pattern waiting to be considered for a program(s). If you no longer wish to be considered, you can remove your information by emailing us.

Here’s a bit of background on how the programs will work. After you complete the onboarding steps below, you will be added to our list of available participants. As features and experiences become ready for feedback, we will contact participants meeting the necessary profile with details about that program and extend an invitation to provide feedback. The programs will vary in length from a few weeks to as long as several months. As cloud services and devices become more ubiquitous in our lives, it’s an exciting new landscape ahead with endless possibilities! We look forward to exploring it with you and making the next wave of Office products the best we’ve offered to date.

Although, there is no specific beta software mentioned in the e-mail, there are reports stating that it could be a touch-centric Office (codename: Gemini), Office 2015, and Office for Android. It could also be upcoming updates for Office 365 or Office 2013.

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