HTC and the company’s RE Camera is expected to finally bring some competition to the Go Pro Cameras that have been dominating the market, especially the action sports market. For many, it was believed that this would be the segment that HTC would need to work on capturing should they want to genuinely compete with the Go Pro series cameras.

However, the RE Camera offers one of the most unique, or perhaps just odd user experiences one could possibly imagine. First, users are expected to predominantly be using their app to act as a viewfinder. While the Go Pro has a viewfinder and interface of its own – HTC’s RE Camera isn’t much more than a small pipe with a camera lens at the end. There are two buttons – one that covers slow motion shooting, and then one on the opposite side of the device for shooting typical footage, or photos.

The camera features a 16M sensor with an impressive 146-degree wide-angle lens. According to HTC the sensor is capable of taking 1080p video 30 frames per second, or 720p video at 120 frames per second. Both impressive figures, but the imperative question is “Will the functionality limitations of the device itself turn users off?”

It does offer impressive battery life. The HTC RE Camera is capable of 1,200 stills per battery life, or one hour and forty minutes of 1080p video in the same charge. HTC doesn’t consider this device a direct competitor with Go Pro. However, questions should remain around this notion that users will choose this, over a Go Pro model that that functions like a full-blown camera, and shooting experience.

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The price tag is right in line with Go Pro models. $199 will be the starting ticket, and likely, the company will offer models that increase up from that initial price point. It would be worth mentioning that this could actually spawn more competition to HTC’s own devices than actually compete with Go Pro, as many have speculated that this will compete with actual smartphones, and other mobile devices – since it has limited UI to speak of.

However, the point remains that this space in tech offers little in terms of the current competition. That fact alone will be enough to offer some competition to Go Pro, especially as customers are looking for a more integrated experience with their smartphone – which this device does perfectly.

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It’s also offering simplicity that is difficult to match. This device won’t take a long period of time to get used to, and can bring in even the newest of customers to the portable camera space.