Apple finally has broken silence regarding their October 16th keynote address, which will feature the newest iPad. The event will take place at its Town Hall auditorium, and like always, will take place right at 10am Pacific time.

News of the date broke last week, but details remained cloudy until Apple put all doubt, and questions to rest releasing an invite that simply read, “It’s been way too long.” The expectation is to see a new version of the iPad mini, as well as new and the improved version of iPad Air.

It’s believed that the new iPad Air will be slightly thinner than its predecessor, and will boast a little more efficiency. An A8 processor should give it a bump in the running category, and the Touch ID, as well as buffed up camera features should give the new iPad a good shot of life in a fading tablet market.

Apple iPad Air Invite

It’ll also have an improved screen design, which some have wondered if that means it will replicate the iPhone more, or go further away from that design. That being said, at design level, the new iPad Air will also come with a gold color option.

Also, it’s expected that as the Cupertino introduces their newest iPad, that the company will also be introducing the 3rd generation of iPad mini. It’s expected to carry most of the same features as its larger counterpart – as even the newest iPad Air doesn’t offer a technology that is so-new or so-unbelievable that any should be held back.

Some have hoped for a new, and even larger iPad that supposedly has been in the works for a while now. But, those looking for an even larger iPad may have to wait a little longer. As the iPhone 6 Plus demand has skyrocketed, it has left Apple in a position – according to reports – that meant they had to choose between focusing production on iPhone 6 devices while the item was fresh and demand was high, and push the new 12.9-inch super-iPad off until 2015.

That being said, this reveal should be a significant shot to the arm for iPad, as sales have declined over the last several years, and the buzz has slowly faded on the devices. But, Apple fans should be aware that the iPad Pro is coming, sooner than later, and should expect to see that device at latest middle 2015.