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Apple confirms October 16 iPad event live stream

Apple has finally confirmed that they would be giving in to consumer demands of being able to be a part of the event set to take place on October 16th revealing the newest iPad, and much more. Apple does this following what many viewed as a failure on September 9th when viewers were interrupted by poor connection quality, or entirely left out thanks to system requirements that weren’t made clear previous to the start of the event.

That event, which marked the launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was also a significantly larger event, taking place in a much larger venue. However, Apple isn’t being nearly as aggressive with this launch, holding the event in their Town Hall auditorium.

Two things are expected out of the event, other than a live stream. Customers are expected to see the newest line of iPads, as well as a big discussion and launch of Apple’s newest Mac operating system, known as OS X Yosemite. While neither desktop computers, desktop operating systems or tablets are nearly as hot as smartphones in terms of getting as many people as excited as possible – this event is still incredibly important.

On September 9th Apple got their attempt at streaming the event live completely wrong. There was an audio track playing over the previous feed, and the feed was terrible quality, especially for a tech giant that focuses on flagship quality across the board and seems to never cut corners – at any expense.

However, this is proof that Apple knows this is what customers want, and what they need if Apple wants iPads to gain that initial “shock and awe” traction. If they want the entire world to get excited about the iPad again, they need to hype their tablet, and get the tech world buzzing about the iPad because while this launch may just be about updating a few key features on iPad – the next launch could be a make-or-break for the tech giant in terms of long term success.

Apple to host iPad 2014 event on Oct. 16, 12.9-inch iPad Pro pushed to 2015

Many Apple insiders have already pointed out that the “super-iPad” or iPad Pro as many are calling it – which would measure in at 12.9-inches is something that is going to have to wait for a future release. So, that makes this release even more important to begin getting their base back to eventually change the world with the “largest tablet the Apple world has ever seen” releasing sometime in 2015.

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