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Zynga launches revamped ‘Words with Friends’ for Google Play and App Store


Zynga has for some time become the most predominant name in smartphone and tablet gaming. Specifically, we’re talking about mobile gaming. In 2009, Zynga launched a game called Words with Friends which took components of a game of scrabble, and made them community through a social experience.

The name, obviously, given obviously because users would be able to play with various friends on various social networks. However, 5 years later the game began getting stale, and the buzz of the game was slowly losing its might.

The company though released an update, and a reboot if you will on the game in both marketplaces. Both Google and Apple are hosting the updated versions of the game, and the hope is that it won’t just attract new users – but engage some of the users that have been lost as mobile habits have changed.

Games no longer happen at the pace they previously did, and users want a certain experience out of their games. That being said, it sent Zynga back to the drawing board on a game that was originally designed 5 years ago.

Most users wanted more ways to play and be interactive, and this is where Zynga spent most of their time working. The game now features a solo play mode. This sounds exactly like it sounds, and it allows users to play a game, alone, against a computer opponent without an internet connection. Perfect for those occasions when you’re truly trying to kill time.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are the Community Matches, which are more personal contests that make more sense for the individual. Community Matches are a hybrid of local matches alongside greater personalization.

Now, combine the fact that individuals will be able to see greater details into their profile, and really be able to dive into the stats of the game, and their overall experience. That being said, in terms of overall experience, the designers of the game also went a long way to improving the overall feel and sleekness of the game. It feels as though it has greater style and gives the user something more than simple scrabble.

It feels as though you’re playing a game that’s more than just a smartphone game, and that’s something when it comes to experience, that the ‘Words with Friends’ franchise really lacked previously.

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