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Oxytocin controls sexual behavior in humans, study says


Sexual behavior was traced back to the response to Oxytocin in a portion of the brain which inevitably controls sexual behavior. The research team which prepared these findings was based in New York, and published their results in Journal Cell.

Previously, scientists and researchers had already figured out that Oxytocin plays a major role in human sexual stimulus. The hormone is frequently referred to as the ‘love hormone’ and this latest research confirms those previous thoughts. When the scientists flipped the switch on those neurons which fueled the hormone spike the mice stopped displaying signs of sexual attraction.

The neurons in question are located in the prefrontal Cortex region. An area otherwise known as the learning section, which doesn’t just control the ability for people to learn but also dictates their personality and how their social behavior plays out.

Interestingly, the study reveals the rather black and white nature of sexual behavior in animals like humans, or as the study took place – on mice. When the Oxytocin hormone is withheld, and the cells are inactive on that front, mating was nearly entirely forgotten.

Professor Gareth Leng from the University of Edinburg made note of the fact that Oxytocin has the specific ability of bringing alteration to brain. How neurons interact with each other, how chemicals are released, and how they function on a larger scale when it comes to impacting the brain and the rest of the human body.

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The study though goes a long way to cementing the theory that Oxytocin is really a chemical almost exclusive to the brain, or one that is mostly controlled by the brain. The impacts are greatest felt in the brain from the chemical release, and it has the greatest impact on the human species as a whole by impacting something as crucial as reproduction. However, that also doesn’t mean that this is the only function of the chemical release.

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This provides an incredible starting point for the team to begin researching and better understanding how Oxytocin impacts that area of the brain further, and what else it could possibly have an impact on. Additionally, it paves the way for more research by proving a theory that was had for some time – in the role of Oxytocin in the brains activity, and sexual human behavior.

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