Amazon has turned into a deal-making, bundle offering, hotspot on the internet as of late. The retailer giant has come up with one of the hottest deals in the smartphones, especially if you’re a fan of Android devices.

The Amazon deal is exclusively through AT&T and allows customers to pick up some incredible flagship devices for $0 up front if you choose their Next program. AT&T Next allows customers to buy a new phone each year, and not have to pay anything up front in exchange for a slightly increased monthly bill. Usually, that ranges between $20-40 depending on the specific device.

The phones Amazon chose to work this deal with just happen to be a few of the most popular devices amongst all smartphones. The choices are the Samsung Galaxy S5, LG G3, and HTC One M8. Obviously, they all run an Android, but all are top of the line, high-end devices that if you choose to go through other carriers will cost you up front to some degree.

Probably the most impressive of all the devices available of these three is the Samsung Galaxy S5. It boasts a 5.1-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display, quad-core Snapdragon 801 CPU, and 2 GB of RAM. Add in 16 GB of microSD-expandable storage, and a 16 MP camera and you’re left with a hard phone to turn down – even if you’re a dedicated iPhone users, at that price.

This though is just another example of AT&T and Amazon teaming up to create something that can beat the competition. For AT&T, it’s a win-win situation because Verizon can’t stop selling their devices with this massive online retailer. Similarly, AT&T is enjoying the benefits of having a very strong relationship with the massive online retailer by building a “super-team” of the sorts.

All of these devices are associated with monthly fees though, which will be tacked onto your bill as you run through your contract. However, you’re given the opportunity to upgrade in a year, or less, as long as you pay off the specified portion of the device before upgrading.

That being said, it is an incredible deal for anyone looking to upgrade to one of the best Android devices that was released in the last year.


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