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Facebook Ads will target third-party apps


Facebook has always used ads to pay the bills. Whenever you search on the site, or are scrolling through, you’ll see ads scattered throughout your serving of updates, photos, and videos. However, as the company has worked to expand their ad service, and most importantly, ad revenue, they have begun looking into new methods to expand their reach.

On Tuesday, Facebook announced the launch of Audience Network. Audience Network is a platform that will allow Facebook to extend their reach of ads, with regards to getting ads on third-party apps that allow, or function with a Facebook login.

That means, if you’re using an app that requires, or asks you to login to Facebook to continue, or as a method of setting up an account – you can expect to see a lot more, or a lot more of the same ads you’re used to seeing on Facebook currently.

Companies or applications that utilize Facebook’s newest platform will be able to have ads appear as banners, interstitials, or native ads. Point being, Facebook is reaching out in any way they can shore up portions of ad market that are currently owned by powerhouses like Google.

It would seem that since the inception of Facebook’s growing campaign to get into the ad market, they are taking the fight directly to Google and their super-popular AdSense platform. More importantly, the company is reserving that the most important factor in their most-recent ad platform is that ads will be served in an efficient and relevant way.

Few internet users would ever say that they want to see more ads, but the truth is that it’s a requirement. The ads pay the bills, just like they do in a newspaper, or any other publication. At the end of the day, Audience Network will provide ads that are useful and relevant rather than intrusive, or annoyance.

Perhaps most importantly many users want ads that don’t physically impede a website and how it runs. Hopefully, this ad service will allow users, and advertisers alike the flexibility to work with ads that don’t run down sites, or make them slow in function – as that alone could go a long way to competing with other ad providers, like Google.

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