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Samsung’s 60 GHz Wi-Fi breakthrough makes uncompressed HD videos real time streaming possible


Samsung has developed wireless technology that can allow Wi-Fi to speed up data connections in a serious way. However, we’re not talking about data transmission methods that are far down the line, or unique in any major way. The technology the tech giant has put together in terms of Wi-Fi productivity is 10 times faster than anything on the market right now, and even more impressive is the fact that it’s all compatible with the technology that exists right now in laptops and mobile devices.

The 60 GHz transfer technology, as it’s being called across the internet, takes a 1 gigabyte movie and transfers it between your devices in under 3 seconds. Additionally, it will allow “uncompressed high-definition videos to be streamed in real time.” Something that has been highly sought after in the technology space throughout the last several years – with many online news sources streaming live, or breaking events over the web, in addition to the traditional means of television.

In the past, Samsung has developed a bad rap for being a company that tends to run copycat operations of what is already developed, but has been working lately to seriously improve their own innovation. Which has meant improving technology that exists, or significantly modifying old technology that is accepted. This is a perfect example of creating new, innovative technology that is truly unique to the space and the general technological world.

Samsung expects the new technology to roll out into routers, devices, and computer by mid-year 2015 – but that expecting it all right off the bat might be a little overzealous. While the company has lost significant stake in the smartphone market – they’re working hard now to expand further, and this was the first and most obvious place to start.

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Data speeds have been under intense scrutiny over the last several years, and this is something that as internet and data demands continue to increase that this will be something worth continuing to look into further. Also, this is technology that many feel will become a necessity as the eating of data continues to grow more, and more throughout the next several years.


Samsung though could do something major for their company as a whole if they’re able to successfully create a faster Wi-Fi data stream, since that is probably consumers biggest point of contention with current standards.

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