Apple has never been afraid of big events or following their big events up with even bigger events. That’s why it was no surprise when Apple announced a smaller, but still major event for October 16th, after they had just had the successful event in September, and then consequential launch of the iPhone 6 in the same month.

It may have been just a month ago, but Apple was moving forward on Thursday as they released the newest and most exciting updates to iPads, iMacs and thankfully, iOS 8 since the inception of the latter two.

The iPad Air 2 was something that the tech world had high expectations for. The device was expected to integrate Touch ID, as well as bring something new to the table that would reinvigorate their stagnating tablet sales.

The biggest draw for the iPad Air 2 is fittingly an even slimmer design. The device will come with iOS 8.1, which Apple announced simultaneously to combat problems with iOS 8, as well as a new anti-reflective screen and a quicker processor. Obviously, the device will also be coming with the famed Touch ID that was initially released in 2013. Battery life will be similar to previous models, sitting at 10 hours in total, and for those looking to snap pictures with their iPad – the cameras on both sides of the device have been improved.

iPad Air 2 Mini 3

The device will start at $499 for the Wi-Fi version with 16 GB of storage space, and you can upgrade that price by $100 per storage upgrade if you’re going after the 64 GB or 128 GB versions. That said, it will also cost an extra $130 for users looking to add a cellular network to their iPad.

The iPad mini 3 was an interesting release. While the device will integrate Touch ID, and be offered in gold, there won’t be a lot of improvement beyond that. The internal workings and cameras were not improved or changed, and the cost of the new device will run $399 for a base 16 GB model.

iMac with Retina 5K

The newest iMac will bring a lot of firsts for Apple to the table as far as desktop computers are concerned. The 27-inch version of the iMac will be the first Apple desktop to come with a 5K resolution display. The iMac will also come with 1 Terabyte of storage and a speedy 3.5 GHz processor that should make computing quicker on the behemoth.

The cost for the 27-inch iMac will sit right at $2,499, and their smaller counterparts will continue to sell at the currently standard $1,799 and $1,099 respectively.