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Netflix charging extra $3 for 4K Ultra HD content, 25 Mbps download speed mandatory


Netflix is now charging a premium price for a “platinum” service plan which will give customers access to 4K, or Ultra HD streaming. Earlier in the year the monthly subscription price for traditional HD streaming increased a dollar and reached $8.99 a month. Previously, those who had a traditional HD streaming subscription were able to access the Ultra HD collection as well.

The plan does allow users to stream up to four separate devices at once, but right now, Netflix is associating the price with the cost of producing, acquiring, and distributing the 4K content. Right now the service only works with a few brands of televisions, made by Samsung, LG, Sony, and Vizio and has some impressive requirements in terms of actual download speed, if you want to take advantage of the limited Ultra HD service. However, if 25 Mbps download speed is something your provider boasts, and you own one of those televisions, you have a fairly good selection of content – even though the selection is still minimal.

Right now, Netflix offers all seasons of Breaking Bad, the second season of House of Cards, Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters 2, a nature documentary, and The Smurfs 2. NBC is also getting in on the action by making The Blacklist available in 4K too.

The ability to stream on four devices, in addition to the traditional 4K service is definitely something that will be appealing to 4K fans. While the few extra dollars a month may seem expensive to some, for those who have already spent the extensive amount of money on a 4K compatible television the cost will not seem as steep. That said, Netflix is going to have to work extensively to continue expanding their service and the content they’re offering if they want something like this to really take off.

It wouldn’t appear that Netflix is making this the absolute norm since the company has made no effort to slow down their traditional lineup. Something that would really suggest a changing of the guard, in the world of streaming content. But, that’s largely due to the limited nature of Ultra HD televisions on the market. Moving forward that could change, as 4K television sets become more, and more mainstream, and popular.

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