Dropbox has become the latest target of thieves on the internet who are seeking out the private photos, documents, and information of those who would like to keep said information private. Just days after a database of Snapchat photos were compromised, thanks to a third-party application which allows users to silently save photos without the senders knowing, a thread on Reddit began getting a lot of traction after users laid claim to hundreds of passwords through several Pastebin files were leaked.

The company responded by sending out password reset emails for all accounts that were impacted, to the company’s knowledge, but with these large scale hacks happening so frequently, it’s become almost paramount that users change their passwords immediately if you’re using either service.

However, there are potentially thousands more accounts out there that could be impacted, and while Dropbox is remaining certain about their ability to fight against the leaks, users should not take their word for it. That isn’t to suggest that the leak is expanding further than it actually is, but just out of caution, and for the sake of personal information.

Like the Snapchat hack, Dropbox is saying that they were not directly hacked and that the information that was obtained wasn’t just through third-party applications, but was also expired, and outdated information. Even though, the company was not impacted directly though, extreme caution should be exercised when using third-party applications in the future. Especially with data breaches happening as frequently as they are now.

The most “at risk” services are those with a lower-profile and don’t have the security measures in place that other, larger applications do. In fact, recently the companies that have been getting attacked, or having data compromised, haven’t been having their information compromised through the traditional means. Meaning, they haven’t been getting attacked directly, but rather through third-party applications that piggy-back off of their services.

That said, changing your password – which everyone should do that uses this service – or any impacted service is really easy. Simply login to Dropbox on your desktop computer, go to your settings, and click on the ‘security’ tab. When you click on the tab the first option in the middle of your screen will be to change your password. Enter your old password, and your new password – and you’re all set.


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