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Apple to announce iOS 8.1 at October 16 iPad event


Apple released iOS 8 on September 17th to the general public, and the software update, while it was intended to completely change the mobile OS scene, really only changed what people thought of Apple.

Immediately following the release, there were bugs, issues, and quirks that rattled the Apple-faithful. Apple quickly responded and released an update, v8.0.1, which was intended to fix the bugs and issues that plagued the iDevices that updated immediately, and the brand new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus that came with the iOS 8 on-board.

That update didn’t work either, and actually reduced some phones to mere bricks, by preventing them from making calls, and maintaining cellular connectivity.

iOS 8.0.2 came quickly thereafter within 24-hours, and the other update was actually removed altogether. While, iOS 8.0.2 has definitely not had as many issues as the previously mentioned 8.0.1 or even the major release v8.0 – it does come with its own unique bag of problems.


That’s why the expected October 16th release of iOS 8.1 is so important for Apple to get right. It is widely expected now that the company will launch the newly updated OS to coincide with the event that the company is holding the 16th to release the next generation of iPads.

That said, the company’s focus seems to be in the areas of performance enhancement, and rightfully so. Performance has been, by far, the most widely criticized portion of any software update Apple has released since the launch of iOS 8. Whether they’re speed issues, connectivity issues, or any number of other contributing factors to making the overall iPhone experience lesser, the complaints seem to be coming in at a quicker rate than those who are even updating to the newest version.

Apple reported a 46% update adoption rate in the first week after launching iOS 8. That number only slightly increased in the weeks following, and that’s something that concerns Apple. So, the company has put extra focus on enhancing the performance of the operating system, especially on older devices.

A lot of iPhone 4S and 5 owners have complained about the devices lagging, and not responding nearly as well as they did previously, or with older operating systems, and that’s something that Apple doesn’t want to let become the expectation, or norm by any means.

While, Apple is also going to be adding a lot of function, and more enhancements like Apple Pay features in iOS 8.1, the focus will definitely be on creating an operating system that can be enjoyed by all Apple users, and not just those who updated to the latest, and greatest of Apple iPhones.

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