Apple usually doesn’t make too many errors when it comes to releasing their products, services, or software. The company will predominately build a lot of hype beforehand, schedule an event that’s well-scouted and marketed, and then follow through by leaving everything to imagination leading up to the event – giving little detail on their pending devices.

This time, Apple had a bite taken out of the ‘surprise factor’ of their upcoming press event, to be held in California on October 16th. In fact, the company pretty much spilled the whole bag of tricks in one large mistake.

For anyone expecting an earth-shattering redesign or change to the iPad brand, disappointment was inevitable as the user guide for iOS 8.1 was updated ahead of schedule in the iTunes store. It revealed that nothing major would be seen from the constructive side of things, in terms of this round of Apple iPads.

apple ipad air 2 mini 3

Though, the devices will utilize the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, aside from that, the devices will be nearly identical to the ones that came before them. Right now, it doesn’t look like the company will be releasing any larger, or oversized 13-inch iPad, like some sources had speculated over the last few months, either. Though most of those rumors were quelled as soon as those sources close to Apple began noting that the company was focusing on production of the larger iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, due to the increasingly heavy demand, and their desire to keep up heading into the holiday season.

That said, Apple definitely has taken the wind out of their own sails. It will be interesting to see what the Cupertino does in terms of regaining some of the excitement, if they can, heading into their event scheduled for tomorrow. Apple has been trying for months now to regenerate excitement in their iPad line as the company has seen declining sales patterns and results over the last several years.

The larger device was thought to be something that might be able to create that excitement, and even just a redesign was projected to have an impact, if they had gone with it – but now it seems clear that no major changes will be seen with this round of iPad devices now that photos have been leaked.