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Google reveals interesting voice search facts about US teens and adults

Google tried doing something really cool, unique, and useful. They wanted to figure out how people use their voice search, and other voice search features. Voice search has been becoming increasingly important for smartphones, tablets, the systems that they run on, and even the apps that are integrated within the confines of voice search.

But, aside from knowing you can ask almost anything – it’s been a mystery how certain groups, or anyone for that matter – use the services that voice search offer. Thanks to Google though, the whole world got some answers, but not all of them were that great. In fact, some of them were not much more than embarrassing.

The study that was commissioned by Google included options like Siri and Cortana, in addition to their own option. Northstar Research conducted a study and took responses from 1,400 Americans including teens and adults.

The study revealed that calling someone was the most common voice searched item amongst teens while asking for directions took the top spot for adults. However, the second-most frequently used reasoning for a voice search amongst adults was to dictate texts – while that didn’t even appear in the top 6 for teens.

Maybe, that’s because adults have a more difficult time seeing the phone, or simply want more practical things out of their devices. Either way, it harshly differs from what teens expect or want most out of their voice search features. In fact, the study found that the single thing that teens wanted most was the ability to order a pizza via voice search.

  • 40% use voice search to ask for directions.
  • 39% use the feature to dictate a text message.
  • 32% do so to make a phone call.
  • 23% of adult Americans use voice search “when I’m cooking.”
  • 51% of teens (and 32% of adults) use voice search “just for fun.”
  • 27% use voice search to check the weather.

Clearly, teens understand priorities. But, adults actually weren’t that far behind in that category – wishing the same thing just 9% less of the time. However, companies like Dominos have already started programs to take advantage of that within their smartphone apps, so adults and teens alike can rest assured that their voices have been heard.

Some of the other more unique finds through the study were spotted around interesting notes like – 13% of teens and 11% of adults using voice search to check the time. Seems counterproductive, doesn’t it? Many have wondered why someone would ask the time of their smartphone, when it would be significantly simpler to just wake your phone up and look at the clock.

“We found that for teens, voice search comes as naturally as checking social media and they’re getting very creative about how (and where) they use it,” Scott Huffman of Google said in a statement. It would appear as though, while the habits may seem strange overall, it’s still becoming more, and more popularly used – which is a positive sign for these companies moving forward.

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