Twitter is making a unique move to streamline media on their timeline. Forget about auto-play, or things that will become tacky, or annoying to users. Twitter is making a second run at streaming music into their service by using Audio Cards.

The concept will be relatively simple, where users will have the ability to add a ‘dockable’ music player that will stream content of various forms. That said, the company will be working with Berlin-based SoundCloud, a company that is well-known across the internet for being a safe haven to stream content, like music.

This update will be available on iOS devices, as well as Android devices, but ironically enough does not look like it will be available on Windows devices at least during the onset of the service. Twitter had made an attempt at a service similar to this before, but never gave users the ability to stream while navigating their timeline. This will give that ability to users.

This partnership with SoundCloud is big for a lot of reasons, but most notably big for the fact that it gives Twitter access to greater types and volumes of content. For example, the company will now with this partnership have access to content from outlets and organizations like the White House, NASA, the Washington Post, BBC World Service, Entertainment Weekly Radio, and plenty more.

Additionally, Twitter is working with Apple as well, and their partnership will mean some selected un-released content will make its way to Twitter, and be available for purchase directly through the social networking giant. Twitter won’t be making anything from the deal with Apple, but the hope is that it will draw in greater focus from the music industry.

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However, it’s now becoming hard to ignore Twitter’s focus on getting media content from sources like the White House, newspapers, national news organizations, and more – and not see that as a significant shift in terms of who they’re catering to, and who they’re looking to take advantage of in terms of users and an audience.

Twitter has become very news-centric and this will allow the company and the social network to continue on that path to being more, and more news-centric, as people rely more, and more heavily on networks like this to receive and share news.