Apple unveiled the newest editions to the iPad family Thursday, and in the process they introduced a rather unique, and different piece of technology that will definitely help to revolutionize the industry going down the line.

Perhaps, it isn’t the most groundbreaking concept, but an Apple-made SIM that will allow you to choose the network and carrier you’d like to use at any given time. The newly designed and released Apple SIM can completely change the way mobile computing and data use happens.

Typically, users are forced to choose a carrier as soon as they purchase a device, and even more commonly, those users are also expected to stick with that carrier for a specific set of time. That theory is being challenged in a serious way by Apple, and surprisingly, the network carriers are jumping on board with the concept.

The new iPad Air 2 boasts its own SIM card that is Apple’s, instead of belonging to a carrier. The Apple SIM will allow users to pick from short-term plans and long-term plans right on the cellular versions of the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3.

Apple SIM

The concept of finally being able to rid the long term plan bodes well for users and of course the carriers as well. As with most things, if you pay or use services on a short-term basis, you will typically be charged more in the long run – if that’s the full-time method you employ to using a data connection.

Right now AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile here in the United States, and then EE in the United Kingdom are current options on this system. However, even though Verizon is not a part of the deal, many other companies in the market are looking on with a sense of awe – according to many experts. Apple is the only company that has the potential to pull such a deal off; most are saying.

If other companies tried this, it either would not be successful or would simply be denied up front. However, now that Apple has begun introducing the idea, this could be something that we begin to see long term as a viable option for data networks.

The concept though is a very long way from being brought into the mainstream. Right now it’s a very futuristic concept that customers will undoubtedly love, but at the same time – should remain hesitant until more carriers jump on board with Apple, and any other company that goes to this system.