Apple showed the rest of the world what the next iPad would look like this Thursday, at an event held in California. Customers who thought the device looked familiar though, and lacked serious upgrades might not have been as correct as they once were. While, there may not have been any significant design changes or overhaul to any significant features on the device.

However, Apple did make some qualified changes to the core of the iPad Air when they designed the iPad Air 2. The newest iPad Air is faster and thinner. Apple made sure that the latest member of their iPad family would bring the most, in terms of slimness and speed. For anyone that upgrades to the iPad Air 2, from the iPad Air 1 will notice a device that’s 40% faster, and 18% thinner at just 6.1mm.

iPad Air 2 Design

That though might be amongst the most minor tweaks and updates that were made to the latest edition of the iPad family. In fact, there were a host of other updates that coupled with the device to make it a significantly better product than its predecessor.

Touch ID and iOS 8.1

The Apple iPad Air 2 will be bringing Touch ID fingerprint technology that was made famous in the iPhone 5S and then made commonplace in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. That said, the technology will be present, and an updated operating system – iOS 8.1 – will be in place to take full advantage of Apple Pay, as soon as the program launches.

iPad Air 2 Touch ID

FaceTime HD Camera: Timelapse, Panorama, Slo-mo and Burst Photo Mode

The camera got a very nice upgrade as well. For those who love taking photos with their iPhone, they will certainly love taking photos with the iPad Air 2 as well. In fact, the camera on the iPad Air 2 is of equal power and authority as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. That means time-lapse photos, panorama photos, slow motion mode that allows you to take high-definition videos in slow motion, and a burst photo mode that will give you the best selfie you can possibly imagine when all is said and done. The FaceTime camera also got an upgrade, making the front-facing camera high-definition, and ready to take on all of those video chats without any hesitation.

Apple SIM and Support for 4G LTE

The newest edition of the iPad family will also offer connectivity that is 2.8 times faster than connectivity in previous models, and support for 4G LTE, which is something everyone with any network connected device. The new iPad also boasts built-in Apple SIM card that let you choose from different carriers on single device.

Apple SIM

The iPad Air 2 definitely has some significant improvements. Though it isn’t a screen size increase or major design change, it is an improvement over previous devices.