iOS 8.1 is finally making its way onto iDevices starting Monday morning, and users could not be happier to see an updated operating system – and the dismissal of the previous update. There are some major features returning to the OS with this update.

For one, the Camera Roll will make its return to iOS. Additionally, in terms of photos, the update will see the launch of the iCloud Photo Library, which is expected to have major implications on how photos are shared, saved, and stored on devices. When the first round of updates came through, many were confused by the departure of the traditional Camera Roll. It was a feature that many had grown attached to, and it was something that made many people wonder if Apple was forgetting about the things users loved, while trying to create a new environment.

However, the headliner of this release will be Apple Pay. It was announced some time ago that it would be the update that finally included Apple Pay, and would allow users to begin taking advantage of the service that headlined the first event in September. Users of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices will have the opportunity to make payments using NFC in their phone, in addition to the Touch ID sensor that is on the home button to quickly make purchases at stores like Macy’s, McDonald’s, PetSmart, Foot Locker, and some 220,000 others.


iOS 8.1 is an update that can finally begin moving the smartphone computing world forward, after iOS 8.0 fell short of the mark. That said, it won’t just be an update that will be greatly appreciated and exciting for the company, but genuinely exciting for users as since many were so unhappy with the launch of the first attempt at iOS 8.

As usual, it’s expected that the newer devices will see the update before the older devices, and updating will follow the usual process. Those though, with older devices, may have to consider connecting to a computer if they want to update, and the file size ends up being larger, as it was with iOS 8.