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Microsoft’s health-focused Smartwatch “within weeks,” compatible with Android, iOS too


Microsoft is getting ready to enter the wearable device space “within weeks” as multiple sources began reporting that the company was nearly ready to launch a health-focused smartwatch. The device is expected to do many of the things that current smartwatches, and wearables do, but will attempt to serve as stiff competition for the Samsung Galaxy Gear wearables, LG G Watch and the Moto 360.

The timepiece is expected to track the wearer’s heart rate, and will cross mobile platforms very well. Microsoft was also said to be thinking heavily about battery life, and how this device could beat the competition – with devices that currently need to be charged on a daily basis. Sources close to the project have said that the device will capture holiday seasons shoppers, but ultimately cash-in on those looking to get maximum wear-time out of their device, without having to recharge it.

Microsoft’s pending smart watch is expected to function for more than two days in a single charge. And it would be a serious accomplishment, as far as smartwatches are concerned, since others have a difficult time lasting beyond a day. Their efforts though to launch this early, and beat Apple to the punch – as they expected their Apple Watch to launch sometime in 2015 – with most speculation that the beginning of the year would be the time Apple made their move – will be a smart move on that front.

The Microsoft smartwatch is said to pull technology from the Kinect division and that the focus would be on syncing across all devices, Windows Phones, Android devices, and of course, iPhones. Reports go back as far as April of 2013 when the company began working on this project.


Microsoft though, will be making health the focal point of their smartwatch and for very good reason. The Redmind giant expects the health focus to be a major selling point as users flock this holiday shopping season to get the newest smartwatch that will be on the market later this fall. It’s unclear right now how much this piece of wearable technology will sell for in stores, compared to other models in store – but the mere fact that a launch is so close, would indicate that Microsoft is looking to make a powerful splash in the market.

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