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Gmail for Android adds support for Yahoo and Outlook; Exchange ActiveSync still skeptical


Gmail lovers may finally have something worthwhile to cheer about as their Android app gets an overhaul with the roll out of Android 5.0 Lollipop. The launch of the newest operating system for Android meant that Google would go back to the drawing board and attempt to reconnect with users, by making obvious visual and technical improvements.

However, few people would have imagined that those improvements would include allowing users to switch between accounts within the app itself. According to reports, the app will bring in Outlook and Yahoo account support, which will translate to the ability to run all three accounts, from the same application.

This is one area that concerned many Gmail fans. Even though the service is widely dubbed amongst the best, even with the previous app, the limitations – in a world where multiple email accounts are commonplace – definitely limited the functionality of the Gmail app.

The speculation, and the videos that are available online would suggest that users will have two ways of switching between accounts. They will either first, be able to choose from the dropdown menu that will be atop the app when you open it up, and are looking at an inbox. Or, they will have the option to swipe across the screen and move from inbox to inbox that way.

While a ton of details aren’t known right now, at this very moment, it does appear that the app also received a significant overhaul in the visual appearance category as previously mentioned. The app will feel a lot cleaner, and a lot less pushed together. It will offer an interface that is similar to the traditional “Mail” app that comes stock with most Android devices, but will work to improve from that design, instead of simply applying that design.

It’s still unclear whether Exchange ActiveSync will be supported in the new Gmail app. That would be a major step to gaining a lot of professional users who aren’t able to currently use the Gmail app due to the lack of support. However, Gmail is taking a big step forward in just putting the potential out there as users will finally able to manage multiple accounts from the same app.

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