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Google nabs Firebase, fuelling efforts to build realtime cloud apps


Google has made an effort to expand their portfolio by acquiring Firebase. Firebase specializes to write mobile and Web-based apps that stay in better sync with each other. That translates to Google having the ability to develop more, and better apps that communicate amongst themselves more effectively. Thus creating a larger draw for Google created apps on other operating systems, and even throughout the internet.

Currently, Firebase offers a service that acts, in many ways, the same way Google Chrome does between its laptop edition and mobile edition for smartphones and tablets. Users who employ Firebase enjoy browsers that flawlessly sync, and are in constant communication – as it pertains to data.

And this isn’t an acquisition that brings two parties at odds with one-another. It brings a Firebase company that is ecstatic to be joining Google. “Over the past three years, we’ve gone from a crazy idea that ‘just might work’ to a proven product used by 110,000 developers,” said Chief Executive and Firebase co-founder James Tamplin. He also added, “I couldn’t be happier to announce that we’ve joined Google.”

The buyout is a part of an effort continued by Google to cater to programmers who keep the programs and operating systems competitive against each other, but also keep Google’s operating system in the standing that it currently is. Without this type of “independent” creation, everything tech-related, would be coming from the same handful of developers – and this technology continues to put more power in the hands of the independent developers.

The acquisition will also help Google’s standing in the cloud computing realm. Google has had a big jump on Apple but noted that they have been catching up. And while the Firebase team will be working under the Google umbrella now, this puts the company in a position that they can start to fully compete with the larger markets and the larger makers and creators of cloud computing technology – like Amazon and Microsoft who are currently cemented in the industry as strong, dominant players.

Of course, giving Firebase greater resources and a greater audience to work with will certainly help the company be better as a whole, as well.

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