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Google releases Inbox app for Android and iOS


Google introduced a new app that will according to them, completely change the way people perceive, use and interact with email. The app is called “Inbox,” and though it is only available through invite right now, the app will completely reinvent the way people work through their oftentimes “messy” inboxes.

Inbox is bringing some new features to the table with this latest app. Features like Highlights, Reminders, Assists, Snooze, and most excitingly Bundles, are all expected to be exciting additions to the email using world.

Bundles are something that the app will create on its own, but the action of bundling will have the ability to be tweaked by the user. The act of bundling will be the app separating various types of messages that appear in your inbox. For example, if you receive invoices, or pay stubs from a particular individual or recipient, the app will go ahead and bundle those messages so you’re able to quickly navigate them, and search out what you’re looking for. There will be a preset number of bundles, most likely vague bundles, but users will have the ability to modify them to fit their needs individually.

Highlights is a really interesting portion of the app that could seriously stand to revolutionize the way business is conducted on these fronts. It will pull actual information from the web, even if it is not included in the original email, and bring it to the attention of the user in the app – rather than requiring clicking, moving, and searching through multiple emails. This would be particularly handy for those who are looking for flight information, which obviously changes constantly – or who are curious about other key information that they can get in a quick “takeaway” form.

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The other features, like Reminders, Assists, and Snooze, the focus will be on bringing aspects of a calendar, note app, and reminder app – and bringing them all together. While this isn’t exactly, something earth shattering, or brand new necessarily, it is something that is welcomed to the email using world. It increases productivity, and ultimately only needing one app, instead of several – is something that is appealing.

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There will also be a version for desktop computers, as well, which will be a welcomed change for those looking to streamline their email apps across multiple devices.

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