Google quelled rumors that the company’s Chromecast dongle would not be getting replaced by Android TV. While the rumors had been boiling for weeks now, Google made confident remarks that reduced the noise to a simmer. The newest member of the Chromecast lineup that will be reaching customers sometime in the somewhat near-future is really just an upgrade in the name.

As previously mentioned, the Chromecast 2 was passed through the FCC last week, and that the company fully plans on moving forward with this venture, and not replacing it with any other devices. In fact, it would appear as though the plan is to create a suite of devices and features that work together – rather than just creating one, or two devices that are for specific tasks.

Google’s VP of product management Mario Queiroz has remarked at Gigaom’s Structure Connect conference that they actually intend on creating an entire line of devices, which as mentioned, work together instead of working as individuals. On one end of the spectrum there will be Chromecast, and at the other end there will be “Chromecast devices.”

Chromecast 2 FCC

Obviously, a lot is unknown right now when it comes to Chromecast 2. However, the reassurance that it isn’t going anywhere is a good sign for fans of Chromecast. Interestingly, Google did manage to pat themselves on the back for the performance of Chromecast to this point. They pointed out that the cast button has been pressed a total of 650 million times since the launch and that there are over 6,000 developers working on more than 10,000 apps for it.

At the end of the day this could mean a lot of things for the company. Less excitingly is an update. While no one is going to be running out to upgrade to the latest Chromes, at the same time, it creates a great expansion for the company as a whole. Chromecast can be the starting point, to really work and solidify a number of devices and workings in one long path. Most speculation is that a broad portion of the updates are software related, instead of hardware related.