Google is pushing out an update to Android Wear devices that mark the first official update in the devices short history. The update will bring some obvious things, like GPS location support, and music syncing, which will allow the devices to work on a standalone basis more effectively than they have to date. However, Google isn’t just pushing an update that will appeal to current users, they’re looking at future users as well.

Google is pushing eight new app collections that will make the process of finding relevant software for a wearable, like Health & Fitness, Travel + Local, Tools, and a few others. This breakdown, and growth of apps categorization shows the maturation that the devices and software are going through.

However, the updates that are present now, and coming in the future don’t just include more apps, and the ability for this hardware to stand on its own. One of the biggest things that Google could make their wearable devices more accessible would be by adding iOS support. When asked about Google’s interest level in expanding their support to include other platforms – like iOS – Jeff Chang said that the company is “very interested in.”

“We always want as many users as possible to enjoy our experience, so in terms of enabling more people to use Android Wear we’re very interested in making that happen,” Chang added. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Google is worried about making this play towards iOS devices. It might be the last major roadblock that stands between those using wearable technology and the rest of the smartphone world.

The truth is that as companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Google, all get into the wearable space; it’s important to remember where the potential sits for bringing more users on. The very first place users can be gained is by creating cross-platform support that hasn’t been seen yet to date. That type of support, like what Google is working on to embrace iOS is something that many see as a vote of confidence that the wearable technology era is officially here.