Google must have a lot of faith in Sundar Pichai. That’s one thing that can be said after it was officially noted that the long-time Google executive would become the vice president of just about everything at the company, on Friday. Another thing you can say about Google is that they thoroughly reward loyalty.

Sundar Pichai became the second-most powerful man at Google by being vetted to oversee search, infrastructure, maps, commerce, and ads, on top of his overseeing Chrome and Android already. Google sent out a memo on Friday afternoon to let all employees know about the move, but at this point it doesn’t seem to be one that will, or is currently causing any friction.

Pichai had been asked to join Twitter and Microsoft, according to previous reports throughout the last two years – but Pichai remained loyal to Google, and CEO Larry Page. He joined the company 10 years ago.

The word right now is that all of the executives that are in place currently, and are running the services that were put under his watch now, will not be impacted majorly by the decision. For Google, this is an attempt at consolidating authority within the leadership chain of the company. Clearly, he is qualified, but now the individuals who previously ran those areas, or will just report to Pichai instead.

Overall, this reorganization is being viewed as a way to unify Google’s business across the board, which has had many different directions and many different methods of thinking being employed in various areas. This has been an area of struggle for the company. Much of the criticism Google takes is regarding their inability or lack of desire to innovate. They’re often viewed as being the copiers in the industry, and just mimicking other technology that already exists.

Sundar Pichai can change that. He can push a unified experience across mobile platform, as well as work on creating some significantly more modern and innovative ideas for the company as a whole. Of course, the company will also benefit from rewarding someone who has been with Google for a very long time, and will be seen as deserving in the media – and it won’t appear as if he pulled someone from the outside to reorganize and shake things up.