Nest Labs, a Google-owned company, has acquired Revolv, both companies confirmed Friday. The move is in an attempt to streamline Google’s home services, and home hub line, after the success of Nest Labs popular Nest Learning Thermostat. Revolv’s hub device is one that functions to make all of a households smart gadgets work as one. In essence, it’s a home connector, with multiple wireless radios built in.

And, like many acquisitions that Google is behind, the move will discontinue Revolv as customers currently know it. Instead, the company will be focused on inserting the Revolv team, into the Nest team, and focus on the thermostat, and put it at the center of the smart home. “Their experience connecting devices around the home will help us continue to grow Works with Nest and bring conscious home to life,” said Matt Rogers, Nest’s founder and Head of Engineering.

However, it wasn’t just the acquisition that made waves within the tech community. In fact, the company announced a lot of new product integrations the same day as they accounted the acquisition. The Pebble smartwatch, the Rachio Iro smart sprinkler system, Life360, and Ivee will all be integrated within the Nest family.

This acquisition can be seen as a lot of things, but mostly it can be seen as a conscious decision to take on valuable assets as they continue to try to “synchronize” the home. Revolv’s hub was widely seen as a high-end gadget that wasn’t popular at the mainstream level – and that’s something that Google wants to start working on. This was the company that was closest to making this technology mainstream.

In other words, if this merger pans out, with the focus being on the thermostat, and putting the thermostat at the center of the smart hub – it may be something that is more realistic for customers to want on a more widespread level. Then, additional features become secondary. It’s the point right now that this is the place where both teams need to start if they want to really accomplish the end goal, which is to completely unify every smart device in a person’s house.