Nokia made noise earlier this year when they sold off their Devices & Services business, and that it would become one with Microsoft. Many were curious about the future of the well-established Nokia Lumia smartphone. This is the brand that in many ways has been at the center of the Windows phone universe, and now it’s officially property of Microsoft.

The Microsoft Lumia though will be no different than the Nokia Lumia to date. Obviously, future changes will be future changes, but as the product is sold, and as the product is distributed, nothing will change. As Nokia said in a statement in their Conversations Blog, “In the coming weeks and months, you’ll start seeing even more brand experience come to life across different channels as we transition from Nokia Lumia to Microsoft Lumia.”

Senior Vice President of Marketing for Phones at Microsoft, Tuula Rytila, pointed out that this is a “very exciting time for Lumia products,” and that “Lumia is now part of a compelling family of Microsoft products like Xbox, Windows and Surface along with a range of services such as Skype, Office and Bing.”

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Much of this is in line with the rumors that were previously running around the internet. The change seemed to be predominantly in name-only, and focused on ensuring that the overall customer experience wouldn’t change too dramatically. Customers will see the Microsoft name on things like packaging, devices, and on websites – like Facebook pages, and product pages – but the core product will not be changing with the rebranding.

Microsoft Lumia Green

Nokia fans shouldn’t worry about their old Nokia devices becoming obsolete, either. In fact, the company seems adamant about maintaining their Nokia devices, through their support channels as well. However, the goal seems to be to continue using the Nokia name for entry-level phones until the licensing agreement runs out. However, Nokia seems to be enjoying their breaking away from the devices business, as they had the best results they’ve had in recent years on their last earnings report.

Hardcore Nokia Lumia fans should not worry though, as a whole, because the greatest change that seems to be coming with these devices is the change of logo on the back, and not anything fundamental with the phone.


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