In order to be a Google executive, one would imagine that the requirements are lofty in order to achieve such a professional milestone. However, one senior vice president for the company achieved something no other human being ever has, in setting the world record for skydiving from over 25 miles above New Mexico.

In the process, the 57-year-old executive was assisted by a large helium balloon that got him to their desired location, as well as a specially designed space suit that would allow him to make such a jump possible in the first place. He reached speeds of 822 mph and exceeded the speed of sound – making some noise along the way, beyond the skydiving records he set in the process.

The World Air Sports Federation confirmed that Alan Eustace broke that record by skydiving from an altitude of 135,890 feet. The previous record was set in 2012 at nearly 128,000 feet. Alan Eustace is also a veteran pilot and parachutist – and had been planning this particular jump – which he executed on Friday morning for years.

The balloon which carried him to the appropriate height took exactly 2 hours and 7 minutes, which brought him to that target altitude. Many applauded the Google executive for his quiet execution of the record. There was little aid brought to the table by sponsors, unlike the previous record holder, and it wasn’t streamed across the internet like the previous record was.

The Google executive referred to the experience as “amazing,” after completing the run. He also pointed out that he could not hear the sonic boom himself, as he passed the speed of sound, but spectators on the ground could hear the boom from their vantage point.

This is a great example of something many wouldn’t expect from a Google executive, but the truth is that a thrill seeker is just that. It’s unclear right now if this will be a part of any Google-related projects that could come up along the way, but at this point nearly anything is possible. The spacesuit and the project itself was developed within a small and secret group of individuals who were working exclusively on this project.