If you have been waiting for the Apple iPhone 5S, then we might have some good news for you. Recent reports indicate that Apple will announce the Apple iPhone 5S by the month of June and will start selling the smartphone from July.

This update was given by a Japanese website named MacFan. The website was one of the very few sources which actually give a release date for the Apple iPhone 5S. MacFan said that Apple will unveil the iPhone 5S on the 20th of June and the smartphone will be available in the market for purchase in the next month after the unveiling.

MacFan clearly stated that the iPhone 5S will be the center of attraction at the Apple event which will be held on Thursday, the 20th of June. Another sources ‘Electronista’ said that the device will hit the consumer market by the month of July.

Additionally, there has been news about the cheap or better known ‘budget’ iPhone. Sources say that this budget iPhone will enter the consumer market by the month of April and will be specially targeted towards emerging markets like India and China. This also indicates that the iPhone 5S and the budget iPhone might as well be two different devices.

The interesting point here is that neither of the two updates are new, meaning they are not just trying to make up stuff. Even before this particular update, there have been a lot of reports that claimed that Apple is working on not one, but two iPhones and secondly, even the June – July launch date has been proposed by a lot of other trusted sources who are constantly watching over the activities of Apple.

This definitely sounds interesting and gives consumers a reason to wait for some more time. This year, Apple will not only announce the new iPhone but will also bring in the next-gen iPads (iPad Mini and standard iPad). Let us wait and watch, eventually each of these Apple products will enter the consumer market.