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Twitpic survives, Twitter buys domain, photo archive and will keep them alive


Twitter and Twitpic announced that terms had been met to acquire Twitpic’s domain, as well as photo archive. The acquisition comes as a bit of a surprise to some, but also not entirely shocking to others given Twitter’s stake in their own users photos. Twitpic was a platform that allowed users to submit and post photos, before Twitter actually had integrated photos into their social networking platform.

Until the last few years Twitter didn’t have the desire to put too much emphasis on sharing photos, but now, with the most-sharable content being that which is image loaded, it’s become necessary to integrate photos. The service was set to shut down on Saturday, too. But, some eleventh-hour work prevented millions of images from disappearing when the service would cease to exist. Some question though how long the service will remain running.

According to Noah Everett, the founder of Twitpic wrote in a blog post that Twitter acquiring the company would “keep the photos and links alive for the time being,” but gave no specific answer as to how long that “time being” might be. The logic behind the acquisition was fairly straight forward. The thinking was that since Twitpic’s user base consisted entirely of Twitter users – Twitter should be the company that acquires all of Twitpic’s relevant data.

While keeping, Twitpic would have been the obvious first choice as far as turnout is concerned. This is a completely comfortable solution for both companies. Previously, Twitpic had been operating on borrowed time, on two different occasions before finally reaching the end of the road here. But, once again, fate seemed never to run its course as Twitpic again survived.


Most of this was spurred over a lawsuit earlier in the year that claimed that there was trademark infringement in the Twitpic name, and ultimately that is what cost Twitpic their existence. The company was not able to fight off the offensive that came their way following the lawsuit.

However, Twitter doesn’t seem to be doing anything new or revolutionary with the Twitpic platform itself. In fact, the apps have been removed from both the App Store, and Play Store. Additionally, the site itself will be in “read-only” mode which will prevent users from adding any more data to the site. Users will only be able to save, or delete content – after they login.

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