Lenovo skipped the major product launch and associated parties, or conferences that might be associated with the launch of a product like this. Instead, the company opted to utilize a small page on the company’s website to deliver the news of their arrival in the wearable tech space. The fitness band from the Chinese PC giant hasn’t been all that surprising, but for some of the features – or lack thereof – it has caught some in the space off guard.

The company’s product page says, “The Lenovo Smartband is for young people who take care of their personal health and are interested in new tech trend products.” While the company might be admitting that the older crowd is not going to rush out to buy this device, they just might be tapping into the right group when it comes to making an entry-level type wearable. The page goes on to say, “It allows you to track daily exercise, sleep and heart rate, customize notifications to improve both work and life efficiency and automatically log in on a PC without entering a password.”

Perhaps the most intriguing portion of the entire Smartband device is the fact that it can unlock your computer. Without question, functioning with your laptop, Android device, or iOS device is important, as well – and it will have all of that functionality – but the ability to unlock a computer might be the most unique.

The Lenovo Smartband will even track your sleep patterns as well and will boast a small display. However, while a lot of that seems nice on paper – it remains to be seen how well it will work in real-life application.

For example, right now it’s unclear when the device will be available for the public. It’s unclear if there will be a preorder phase, or if they will go straight for a ‘cold open’. It’s also unclear how much the device will cost, when it comes down to it. Some have compared this device to an entry-level item and said that price will reflect that. While others have argued that the price will stay in line with the rest of the market.