Instagram has been quietly working on inserting video ads into its customer experience, and now all of that planning and testing will come to fruition. The videos will last just 15-seconds long, and will appear similarly to sponsored images, which appear in feeds currently. The video ads claim to be non-invasive, and the reasoning for the company researching their ads so heavily before actually executing them on their app was to avoid an advertising failure.

Advertising for Instagram is still in its infancy. Right now, the company is launching their video advertising with Banana Republic, Lancome, Disney, Activision and the CW Network. Think of these ads as commercials, like you would see before watching a video on YouTube, but with significantly shorter wait time.

Some though are concerned about the cohesiveness that the ads will present since Instagram seems to be taking a different approach to the video ads, than the sponsored images they did a year ago. The images were tailored to Instagram, and offered a feel that made sense for the platform. These video ads, which even at just 15-seconds are not tailored to the social network, or their platform.

However, even though the ads are much like commercials, because that’s essentially what they are in their fundamental state – that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to be over-the-top pieces of video footage. Rather, the advertisers are not going overboard with excessive graphics, or anything that could potentially bog down the system – and that’s something that will be important moving forward.

That won’t just be important for the user, in avoiding the annoying, or tacky feeling many ads bring to various parts of the web, but will also be crucial for Instagram who would obviously like to keep landing future advertisers. Instagram though is not going to be handing out endless amounts of data to advertisers in the process. Ads will only be targeted by age, gender, and country.

Instagram Ad Call of Duty

Activision’s choice to promote Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is one that is probably the least shocking. The game launches next week, and anyone would be hard pressed to find a game that draws bigger crowds, and more attention than the Call of Duty franchise – so this was the obvious choice for them.

Moving forward most should see more ads landing on the site.