Android’s chief Andy Rubin was a senior vice president at helm of Google who had a ton of success leading the company through some of its best years, and in the eyes of many, put Android on the map where it is today. Google and Andy Rubin though will be parting ways so Rubin can pursue his personal ambitions with a startup that will work as an Incubator for hardware startups.

Google’s CEO Larry Page wished him well in a statement and said, “I want to wish Andy all the best with what’s next. With Android he created something truly remarkable – with billion-plus happy users.”

He also thanked Rubin for his contributions to the company, and it would be hard to ignore what tangible results he has driven through the Google doors. That being said though, some have questioned the timing of his leaving. Earlier in the year he took a role change, which some speculated was due to a changing of paths within the Google management structure, and most-recently, the company named Sundar Pichai to a greater role, which could have been a precursor to this move.

Google said in a statement that James Kuffner would be the individual replacing Rubin in his previous role, as the head of the robotics group. Rubin took on this role when the division was launched by Google earlier last year. Right now though it isn’t entirely clear what his new startup will be focusing on beyond that it will be in the hardware space.

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What is known is that his startup Incubator will focus on aiding, and developing other startups, and that is something that is a change of pace for someone who has worked with a tech giant, like Google, for as long as he has. However, it could be viewed as instead of doing the innovating himself, he will be empowering others to do the innovating, and giving others an opportunity to enter a space that has become increasingly competitive to breakthrough.

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Without question though, Rubin will bring a lot of fire power to his startup. The move is somewhat surprising, and also interesting, in that Rubin is doing something that has raised questions about his long-term loyalty. Sundar Pichai was just rewarded for his loyalty, while Andy Rubin chose to take his talents elsewhere possibly to create something that could eventually compete with the tech giant, Google.