Microsoft has brought an entirely new and updated version of Outlook to users of Microsoft Office on Macs. This release has been long hoped for by Office fans on their Mac devices. The last time an update came was in 2011, and a lot has changed since.

The biggest change over the last several years in Microsoft Office suite has been visual appearance and overall feel. For Windows users, Microsoft Office has taken a more mobile feel to it and has made menu options far more straightforward to see, identify, and understand. This update brings all of the design changes that Mac users who also prefer the Microsoft Office, and specifically Outlook service, as opposed to the Apple options.

However, Microsoft also ensured that performance and reliability would be improved with this update as well. The company made sure that all of the tweaks under the hood would be changes that would improve the overall performance of the program. Users who are a part of the Office 365 program will be the individuals who get the updated version first. Meaning, no one will be able to go out and simply purchase the new version of Outlook by the traditional methods.

The next thing the company is focusing on is making those changes, and bringing that design, and feature updates to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Microsoft plans to have those updates out by 2015 – but that timeframe could change. The company says that by the second half of 2015 – all products related to Mac devices should be updated, and live.

This comes after Microsoft also just boosted the cloud storage space to unlimited status for those who were members of their cloud service as well. Microsoft has been shifting focus to a more widespread and overall user experience, across platforms instead of simply focusing on the Windows experience.

For users who have the older versions of Outlook for Mac devices will need to uninstall and reinstall the software in order to take advantage and be able to take on all of the new software. Typically, older updates to Mac’s came six to eight months after Windows updates were had.


  1. Since Apple users are a tiny market share when compared to Windows users, Microsoft should charge Apple users a premium (3 to 4 times more than Windows users) for the world’s best productivity suite.
    The pricing would mean that Windows’ users don’t have to subsidize Apple users who wish to benefit from the world’s most popular and powerful productivity suite.

    • With that kind of bizarre price gouging plan, you can keep your “world’s most popular” productivity suite. Most Apple users today can just use Pages, Numbers and Keynote which are now free with the machine and work just fine. Having the added ability to save documents to the cloud and even further edit them in an internet browser regardless of the machine being used is an even bigger plus.


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