Sony saw a mixed bag of results in the last quarter. The company issued their quarterly earnings report, and it was found that Sony’s PlayStation 4 dominated the gaming consoles space. According to the report the company sold 12.3 million PS4 consoles up against just 6.1 million units moved by Sony’s biggest competitor Microsoft’s Xbox One year-to-date. In fact, it was even noted that between the Xbox One, and the Xbox 360 – combined sales could not even top the 12.3 million unit benchmark that Sony set with their PS4 consoles since the launch.

This last quarter didn’t change much, either. It was found that in the last quarter alone Sony outperformed Microsoft by 42% in units sold, and that is something that Microsoft will need to deal with moving forward. Sony though as a whole had challenges in the most-recent quarter. Their smartphone business struggled, and the greatest performers within the company were actually sensors that Apple use in their iPhones.

The company recorded losses of $1.2 billion, which was less than the damage that the company was expecting to see done when this last quarter’s results were released. Sony continued to lose ground in the mobile space that is becoming more, and more difficult to compete in with the emerging of several Chinese companies that are taking the lead – like Lenovo, and working to go after Apple, and Samsung’s market share.

As for the consoles though, the results were very gratifying. Even beyond just trumping the sales of Microsoft’s Xbox One, and Xbox 360, the company saw its second-best results since the actual launch of the console. The company listed 2.4 million shipments in this last quarter’s results that drove the bottom line even further into the competitions pocket.

Microsoft to offer $50 discount for Xbox One during the 2014 Holiday season

Sony has now, even after having a bad quarter overall, dug even further into the pockets of Microsoft and their floundering Xbox line of consoles. The results come shortly after Microsoft had announced price cuts to take effect for the holiday season and work to drive the bottom line of their business – while Sony clearly continues to lap them in the field.


  1. It seems that almost like people, corps need to go through a humbling and regrowth cycle.
    Sony did with the ps3.

    The xbone was part of the same hubris cycle that spawned w8.
    (Maybe that was ballmer.)
    But w10 so far looks like ms may pull out of it.

    xbone is a wash though as a product.
    Although they can always practically give them away for a market like they did with the first xbox.
    ms’ financial might is always capable of that.

  2. Yep. Sony – When winning mean going broke. 🙂 Microsoft wins. PS4 may not survive the bleeding of Sony. Who wants that type of longevity? Xbox Division for Microsoft makes 500 million. doubling this time last year. lol. You guys gotta figure out how to declare winners. Microsoft won before the game began.


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