Mark Zuckerberg will be hosting the first ever public question and answer session dubbed as “Community Q&A.” According to Zuckerberg, it’s a move that is a well-known tradition with the company, and something they think will be a valuable asset to the company moving forward.

The question and answer session will happen via Facebook, expectedly, and the questions will be based on what questions are most popular on the Facebook page that was created by Facebook for this event. This is something that is expected to get a lot of feedback and a lot of praise given the company’s stance on interaction.

The entirety of the Q&A session will be on the Facebook page itself, and they will be highlighting some of the questions and answers afterward. This is an interesting move on the part of Facebook because interaction is something that many users of Facebook have wanted more of. In fact, it’s entirely possible that some pressing questions, related to the security and safety of user’s information on Facebook actually be addressed during the session.

The entire event will last roughly one hour, and Zuckerberg says that he will do everything he can to reach as many users and questions as possible in that hour. However, one hour also is not a very long period of time, in the grand scheme of things. There are a lot of questions that users will be asking.

The page has begun seeing an uptick in traffic and the questions range in complexity and interest level. Some of the questions are very pointed, while others are much more specific. However, it doesn’t seem as though Facebook will be limiting or preventing any questions from being asked.

Clearly, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are taking a user first approach that is finally going to give users an open forum to get their questions answered by the CEO himself. This though is not unusual now for companies to utilize an open forum to have questions answered.


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