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Google Android 5.0 Lollipop rolling out with handful features for businesses


Google has begun pushing their latest and greatest mobile OS today, which had previously set the internet abuzz over the last several weeks. The newest OS is called Android 5.0 or Lollipop and is a significant update to the previous KitKat version.

One major change from its predecessor was the change, and update to the way the system will operate within itself. Specifically, the ability to hand off from one device to the next, while syncing across all devices that are linked to that account. Additionally, users will also able to set up multiple accounts on those devices to accommodate additional users. This is a feature that was especially buzzed within the enterprise community, giving individual’s greater customization for businesses.

Add in a battery-saver feature that gives users an average of 90 minutes additional run-time to max out use for Android users. The first individuals that will get the opportunity to give Lollipop a run will be those who purchased the HTC Nexus 9 tablet. Select Motorola devices will be picking up the OS, and Samsung Galaxy S5 users should see Android 5.0 come to their handsets as well around December. In 2015, Sony Xperia Z series devices will also see the newest operating system.

Some though have contested that Android has already peaked, citing that it “is probably never going to go much above the 85% global market share.” Neil Mawston, an Analyst, noted that there wasn’t a lot of growth left in the market and that the peak was likely reached and that it has been slightly declining.

However, right now KitKat remains installed on 30% of devices. It will be interesting to see where the update goes, and how the new devices will handle the updated operating system. The Nexus 6 will launch pre-orders on November 18th that should serve as a major shot in the arm for the Android as a whole.

Android 5.0 expands on some of the great things that the operating system has worked on to date and ensures that users are getting a blanket-style experience from all of their devices across the board.

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