Samsung is looking to step up their game after repeated declines in sales, and a declining position in the smartphone market. That said, the overhaul that is being dubbed “Project Zero” is beginning to get a lot of attention, and most notably, the first round of rumors have hit the internet, and are taking the digital world by storm.

That said, the first and latest batch of rumors include a Quad HD display, like what is seen on the Galaxy Note 4. The storage choices are rumored to be 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB for this upcoming device expected potentially as soon as April 2015. Rumors also suggest that the device will be powered by an Octa-Core Exynos 7420 processor, which will include four Cortex A53 and Cortex A57 cores respectively, toting a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor. The camera is expected to be upgraded to the 16-20MP range for the rear-facing camera and include a 5MP camera in the front of the device. In addition, the device is said to be focusing on efficiency, especially when it comes to battery life – where previous models – and smartphones in general have historically struggled. The rumor is that Samsung will achieve this through optimization of chipsets, and functionality within the phone to better appropriate energy throughout the device, and conserve energy where needed.

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From a design perspective, with the heavy changes and updates to the interior the device will also see changes on the devices exterior. According to rumors, customers will no longer have to contend with a plastic body, as the new S6 will boast a fully metal exterior.

Customers have spoken over the last several years, and both Samsung and Apple have begun seeing their numbers from a market share perspective be challenged by Chinese companies. The point is that moving forward, Samsung isn’t reaching back into the usual bag of tricks to coax new buyers and re-attract loyal customers. They’re reaching into uncharted territory, and are searching for the next thing that can rival any smartphone in the market – not just the iPhone of 2014 or 2015.

While the rumors will continue to move around, and likely evolve as time goes on, and the launch gets closer, and closer this spring – the internet will have the opportunity to slowly learn more and more about what Samsung is referring to as “Project Zero.”