Microsoft announced another major change to their mobile strategy, as the company unveiled Office apps for iOS and Android devices for free. The newly free Microsoft Office apps will give users the ability to view, edit, and store documents in the cloud for no added cost to the user.

Those who use the Office app will no longer have to contend with being an Office 365 subscriber in order to take advantage of basic – but key features within the Office app itself. This comes shortly after Microsoft joined forces with Dropbox to bring even more involved experience to users who stored documents on Dropbox, instead of Microsoft’s OneDrive.

The move is an aggressive one, and one that brings a lot of newfound unity to the mobile office space. Now, users can open, edit, save and share on the Dropbox cloud, all without ever paying anyone – including Microsoft a penny.

The Redmond developers released new apps today for iOS, and announced that tomorrow the Android app that was pictured today – would go live. However, while many have argued that this looks, and feels, as an entirely new approach for the company, the truth is actually otherwise.

Microsoft is identifying this move as an extension of their web apps, which are currently free, instead of viewing this as a new venture entirely. The company has for a long period, offered the apps online, free of charge – so users could create documents on the internet without incurring any cost.

The company looks at this, as an expansion of that already existing plan. These changes though will only be working for individual users, but not for businesses. This is one area where the company hasn’t varied their position, in order to continue generating profits. Many have viewed this free approach or a new approach as a way to streamline the services offered by Microsoft. Their ability to work with Dropbox, make their apps free for users on mobile devices, and in turn expand overall experience level within the mobile operation only improves their place at the mobile office table.