Google Maps will be the next app to officially see the “Material Design” update that should bring Maps up to the standards that Gmail, Inbox, and Calendar have all individually set in the past several weeks. In many ways, users have said that the app is still very much laid out the same way as it once was, but redesign features make the app feel smoother and less-restricted by hard and fast lines. The overhaul was to fit simply in with the design specifications of the Material Design, as Google’s latest Android 5.0 Lollipop goes live on devices that were not naturally born with the operating system.

While, it isn’t clear at the moment if iPad would be receiving this particular update, or if users would have to wait an undisclosed amount of time to receive that update on iPads – the company did show of the app on Android and iOS devices, like phones and tablets. Google had said earlier in the year that they would be focusing on some new features that would make the app more useful for the general public, and it would appear as though those updates have finally arrived.

Google Maps Material Design

For example, Google Maps will now feature an estimation of the time it will take a Uber car to get to your location, as well as an estimated pickup time. Additionally, the app will let users know what the price will be of a given route. Another feature will bring integrated support from OpenTable, which will give users the ability to book reservations right within the Google Maps app, instead of having to do the reserving between two apps.

Clearly, the major changes are the features that include or integrate third-party applications. It is a major step for a company that previously had built shaky relationships – at best – with the developers of third-party applications. Now though, Google as well as rolling out these newly designed updates – seem to be turning over a new leaf – in willingness to work together within the space to make their core products that much better.

Google Maps has long been considered the ‘top’ mapping application in any of the app stores, but a redesign is just another way that the company continues to sit atop the mapping space.