Microsoft has begun teasing for a Lumia device that will release just in time for the holiday season this Tuesday. November 11th with mark the official launch of the first-ever “Microsoft Lumia” phone released since Nokia’s smartphone business acquisition.

Earlier in the fall, the company had stressed that current devices, and select devices would maintain the Nokia branding, and name, but this device – the first official release under the Microsoft-eye – will be done so with the Microsoft name printed on it.

Microsoft Lumia Green

The device is expected to be a budget-friendly device, and while the specs that have been rumored, and talked about to this point – aren’t any that will break records – this could be just the device to win the holiday season, and get off to the right start.

The first Microsoft Lumia will have a 5-inch display. Rumors have indicated that the display would be HD but that the resolution would not be what many had grown accustomed to with recent Android – and high-end releases. The phone will tote a quad-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor, 1GB of RAM and a 5-megapixel camera.

As far as the specs are concerned, Microsoft is adding something that Nokia had chosen to leave off low-end models in the past. The handset will have a front-facing camera that will accommodate video chat, and other features that have become crucial on devices like this – which should add to the benefits of the device. The specifications of the front-facing camera though, remain a mystery, as little has been released about the device besides that.

Microsoft Lumia Orange

The phone will be colored. It would appear as though the device will be coming in orange and green, and will very plainly read Microsoft on the back. Right now, it’s unclear what the specific price point will be for this device, but it should be something that will be manageable for most to afford. Also, it should be something that the company is relatively comfortable with selling to users during the holiday season. On the high-end of the market – Apple will be dominating sales, but as the company has continued to refuse to offer a low-end device, this leaves a portion of the market around Christmas time, completely untapped.